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Celebrating 19 years of marriage and running a successful Crystal Gift Shop and Reiki Healing Practice in Saddleworth over the same period is a significant milestone.

Marcus and Susan met whilst working for a utility company in Oldham and just six weeks after their first-date, surprised all their family, friends and work colleagues when they returned from their lunchtime break as a married couple.



Healing Room

Soon after their honeymoon, the newly-weds realised that they both shared a passion for Reiki Healing and became qualified Reiki Practitioners in the Usui method of Natural Healing. In 2005, Susan and Marcus established ‘susanmarcusreiki’ in Greenfield, Saddleworth.

The couple originally offered a unique Reiki Healing experience from their business in Greenfield by jointly administering one-hour reiki sessions to their clients. Later in 2010, when Marcus and Susan decided to add a retail store to their business, the couple renamed their business to Moonstone and started selling an array of Crystals and Spiritual Gifts.

Reiki at Moonstone



Gift Shop

Moonstone is the crystal gemstone that represents new beginnings, and since re-launching their business under a different name, Intuitive Reiki Master Marcus now solely offers Reiki Healing Sessions and Reiki Courses at Moonstone whilst Susan now works full-time managing their flourishing gift shop.

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